Laboratory Facilities

The Paleoecology Lab at SU features a Merchantek (New Wave) MicroMill, a microsampling device that allows high-resolution sampling of accretionary biogenic materials for stable isotope analysis. A number of samples can be collected in sequence within a series of growth increments, e.g., in a mollusk shell or coral skeleton, that record intra-annual variation in composition and can allow for the reconstruction of seasonal temperature changes experienced throughout the life of the organism. All of the facilities needed for preparation of samples (sectioning, mounting, polishing) are available in the laboratory, including an Isomet 1000 slow speed saw and Buehler polishing wheel. Two Brasseler hand-held dental drills with assorted bits can be used for larger samples or lower-resolution sampling. Imaging equipment includes an Olympus SZ61 binocular microscope with a variety of oculars and dedicated digital camera, and a Canon digital SLR camera with several lenses including a 5X macro zoom. In addition, the lab includes facilities for screen-washing bulk samples and cabinets for storage of paleontological collections.